Addiction Treatment Services: Emerald Neuro-Recover | Drug Rehabs Carmel, Indiana

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Name: Emerald Neuro-Recover | Drug Rehabs Carmel, Indiana

Address: 12265 Hancock St #42, Carmel, IN 46032

City: Carmel

State: Indiana

Zip: 46032


Drug rehabs Carmel Indiana is an intensive outpatient substance abuse addiction treatment centers. Alcohol and opiate detox providing better addiction treatment than Suboxone clinics, and Doctors. We provide a unique detoxification with our NAD therapy and amino acid treatments.

Emerald Neuro-Recover is an all Inclusive Recovery Program. Our credentialed clinicians provide substance abuse treatment ensuring less severe withdrawal symptoms. Amino acids are nutrients that restore brain function damaged by drugs and alcohol use. Reducing negative withdrawal symptoms results in faster and more lasting recovery.

Out drug rehabs Carmel Indiana intensive outpatient center is a phone call away. Marketing by Behavioral Health Network Resources.

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